7/1/2022 | Galih Haribowo receives a CIRM Postdoctoral fellowship. Congratulations Galih!

4/15/2022 | Brandon Chew receives the NSF GRFP fellowship. Great job, Brandon!

12/18/2021 | Kirsten Chen receives AHA Predoctoral fellowship. Well done, Kirsten!

12/15/2021 | Ankur Garg receives a CIRM Postdoctoral fellowship. Congrats Ankur!

12/1/2021 | Jain Lab is granted the Rombauer Fellowship grant for work on pancreatic cancer.

11/1/2021 | Jain Lab is awarded the Mallinckrodt award and grant!

10/1/2021 | Brandon Desousa receives National Defense Science and Engineering Graduate Fellowship

9/1/2021 | Alan Baik, MD wins Sarnoff Scholar Award for his research on SREBP1 and hypoxia adaptations.

6/15/2021 | Isha Jain, PhD is awarded the prestigious Klingenstein-Simons Fellowship.  Supports early career investigators engaged in basic or clinical research that may lead to a better understanding of neurological and psychiatric disorders.

5/15/2021 | Isha Jain, PhD is awarded the Searle Scholars grant.

11/15/2019 | Gerontological Society of America (Austin, TX). Isha presents on effects of hypoxia on aging metabolism.

11/10/2019 | Welcome staff scientist and post-doc Bruno Queliconi. Bruno is joining us from Stanford University and will be working on systems biology approaches to in vivo oxygen physiology.

9/6/2019 | Q-Life Symposium (Paris, France). Isha presents at joint UCSF-Curie meeting on systems biology approaches to cancer.

9/1/2019 | We receive a multi-PI grant from DARPA with Wu-Altschuler, Taunton and Jacobson labs

9/1/2019 | Welcome BMS rotation student, Brandon Desousa

6/1/2019 | Kirsten Chen officially joins as Jain Lab’s first PhD student

6/1/2019 | Welcome cardiology fellow and post-doc Alan Baik. Alan has been at UCSF for his clinical training and will be working on the effects of oxygen on lipid metabolism and cardiovascular health.

4/15/2019 |Welcome post-doc Ankur Garg. Ankur is joining us from UCSD and is interested in neurodegeneration + hypoxia.

2/28/2019 | Isha speaks at Fusion Conference on Mitochondria (Nassau, Bahamas): From Basic Biology to Mechanisms of Disease.

12/10/2018 | New Frontier Research (NFR) Grant. We are grateful for receiving support from the Program for Breakthrough Biomedical Research (PBBR), together with Dengke Ma’s lab.

10/12/2018 | Buck Institute Seminar. Isha gives a seminar at the Buck Institute. Thank you Pankaj Kapahi for hosting!

10/2/2018 | NIH Early Independence Grant. Isha receives the NIH DP5 grant (part of the NIH High Risk High Reward Program) to study hypoxia adaptations and the role of oxygen in disease.

9/24/2018 | Welcome to our Fall rotation students, Gretchen Ford (BioE) and Kirsten Chen (BMS). We are excited to have you join us!

9/14/2018 | Glenn Award for Research In Biological Mechanisms of Aging. Isha receives Glenn Award for Aging Research.

9/7/2018 | American Federation for Aging Research (AFAR) Junior Faculty Grant. We receive an AFAR grant.

8/1/2018 | Hello World! Day 1 and welcome first new lab member, Brian Curran!

7/5/2018 | University of Cologne & Max Planck for Biology of Aging host Isha for a seminar. Thank you Thomas Langer and colleagues for a wonderful visit.

6/29/2018 | Isha gives a seminar at University of Geneva, Switzerland. Thank you Jean-Claude Martinou and lab for being so welcoming! And for such exciting and inspiring science discussions.

6/28/2018 | Isha speaks at Ecole Polytechnique Federale de Lausanne, Switzerland. Thank you Johan Auwerx and lab for hosting!

6/1/2018 | Coming to UCSF CVRI Summer 2018. We have an official start date of August 1st. Come visit us at Mission Bay, UCSF.